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Car Floor Mats 5D Full Surround Waterproof Car Mats


Thick foot floor mat  material can prevent chassis noise and tyre noise, improve driving comfort. Suede class car floor mat can also remove  the remaining noise and interior sound echo completely. Ensure auditory protection is not damaged

Car floor mat is a collection of water absorption, dust, decontamination, sound insulation, Prevent the sliding between clutch, brake and throttle. Avoid safety hazards. Avoid safety hazards.

Comfortable and durable, the surface layer of microfiber leather is elastic and comfortable, and the long time driving is more relaxed and comfortable. XPE material of super toughness, environmental protection, no smell, but also can prevent high strength wear and tear, durable.

Materials  PVC artificial leather, imitation lint, sponge, XPE, non-woven fabric
Color  Biege, Black, Brown etc,
Car model  more than 400 kinds,
Packing  1.Plastice bag 2. Box packing OR as customer required,
Weight 5.3 KG
Function Protect Car Floor
Colors Customer's Color
Thickness  Leather, sponge, XPE thickness is different, customized.
Width 150-180cm, customized according to demands
Base fabric  Non-woven fabric, knitted fabric, real fabric, faux fabric
MOQ 2 Sets
Feature Anti-slip
Usage Waterproof and ant-slip
Series   auto mat coil, trunk floor mat , seat cushion


1. Good comfort, good safety performance and good warmth preservation
2. Good anti-skid performance, no water absorption, simple cleaning
3. The chemical properties of XPE mat material are relatively stable, and it will not decompose when heated, and it will not emit toxic gases.
4. It is easy to process and suitable for large, medium and small processing plants.
5. Sponge can increase the elasticity of the mat material, and people will have a good experience
6. Eco-friendly leather is better for people's health
7. A variety of patterns and colors give customers more choices
Small MOQ can satisfy more customers

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