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Microfiber Leather


Buy a pair of good leather shoes, in addition to pay attention to the vamp material, lining material, outsole material, but also can not ignore the choice of the bottom, the main role of the bottom is to provide support for the foot, when the foot touches other surfaces, through the characteristics of the material itself, play a role in slowing down the vibration.

On the market common leather shoes soles materials mainly include: leather soles, Picron, PU, EVA, Phylon and so on.

Picalon, also known as the bottom board, is generally made of wood pulp, cotton pulp and other chemical materials produced by high strength board, characterized by high stiffness, good water resistance, flexural resistance, easy processing, finalization, good air permeability.In fact, the insole board is also FIBER, so someone called Kuaiba paper, which should be translated by Cantonese in Hong Kong.

Leather pulp leather, belongs to the category of genuine leather, is generally made of broken leather leather processing, quality is better than imitation leather in the whole skin, is a new material.The utilization ratio of skin pulp is very high. It has the characteristics of environmental protection, non-toxic, tensile resistance and tear resistance.

Leather pulp leather produced in the process of making leather car cushion, sofa and so on leather scraps are recycled and broken, glue is added like paper and then made into a whole roll of leather, its characteristics are uniform thickness, poor softness, poor air permeability, environmental protection slightly higher than ordinary leather

Pattern We have more than 3000 patterns for customers to choose including release paper and emboss. Further, we also provide new patterns developing service.
Color Based on the customers’ requirement
Width 1.37-1.45m
Touch feeling Softness/hardness/any as your requirement
Backing fabric 0.20mm-2.0mm, depends on the customers requirement
Surface treatment Based on the customers requirement
Special Feature Genuine leather hand feeling, elastic and softness, good elastic strength, non-fading to rubbing
Package 30m-50m/ roll with PVC or PE film
MOQ 500m per color
Delivery time 15 days after confirmed the order and the advance payment
Payment terms T/T

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